Savory Onion Quick Bread

My love affair with breakfast foods continues to flourish! While oatmeal is my favorite breakfast, eggs come a very close second. Eggs are for the weekend, oatmeal for weekdays - how about that for conflict resolution!

I like my eggs creamy and firm, with just a little black pepper. Hold the ketchup, please! Eggs and toast are standard weekend fare but white bread has never been a big favorite of mine. Not even in Bombay, not even after we stopped by the Modern Bread factory near Aarey Milk Colony on a picnic! Loved the smells and all but found the bread lacking.

This summer, I was going to bake something for a friend's shower. The menu had a lot of sweet breads and we were looking for something savory. Came upon this recipe for Savory Onion Quick Bread. Being a believer in the peer-review process (famous last words!), I love Allrecipes! I made a 'few' changes: 1) Used whole wheat and white flour, 2) Stuck with butter, I'll pass on the transfat! 3) Sauteed the onions with garlic and oregano. One of the reviewers on the Allrecipes site mentioned the 'disturbingly yellow color of the onions' (!!) and so I decided to caramelize mine!

Did a 'dry run' before the shower and you can see the end product below. The bread was simple to make, pretty forgiving and appropriately savory. It wasn't super moist and I guess one could add some butter/yoghurt to improve the texture. However I quite liked it.

Made little mini loaves and mini muffins for the shower. They were easy to serve and made a nice, mild counter point to sweeter breakfast breads. Enjoy!

My entry for Nandita's Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB) # 7. Don't miss the fabulous round up!


burekaboy — said...

hey smita,

sounds like another good thing to put on my LONGGG list. you really ARE a breakfast kind of girl! i love going to breakfast places at non-breakfast times for a meal. something comforting about it.

i also love onions, especially after they are cooked long and slowly and properly caramelize. i mean, who doesn't?!

the idea of making them in small loaves and muffin tins is great. allrecipes does have some good recipes on it. and like everything, i think we change a thing here and there sometimes to suit our personal tastes.

doing a dry run beforehand has become standard practice for me. nothing more embarrassing and frustrating than having a disaster a few hours before the event.

looking forward to the next post ;p

Sarita said...

hey smita ...i have always been the visitor never the 'commenter' (?) decided to stop by and say ...awesome !!! I have always had breakfast as my main problem , never enough time to make a decent one and almost getting fed up of the usual bagels, waffles...wish there was more indian breakfasts for on the go :-( . Am also a strong believer of a 'dry run' I would put together dishes at the last minute with disastrous consequences...what is worse I even took them to the potluck...I had developed quite a reputation in my previous lab.

Mythili said...

Dear Smita,
First off - the blog name .. serves us right ?? LOL ... good use of the phrase there ....Loved it !

Secondly - great narration and great flow there. Good recipes. First time here. Keep 'em coming.


sri said...

hi Smita,

came across ur blog only today...yummy pics ;)....and really happy to know that someone in rochester is into food blogging...i am from rochester too..we live in webster :P....keep up the good work!


ServesYouRight said...

Thank you all for writing - LOVED hearing from you. Glad to know I am not alone in my dry-runs :-)

Sarita - you are on to something. Instant Indian Breakfasts would be irresistible.

Mythili - Thanks :-D A very good friend, who is also an unabashed punster had suggested 'Server Error'!! Love Vindhu :-)

Sri - Delighted to know that you're from Rochester. Have you tried - I've quite liked it.

Nandita said...

Pl add me to the rochester club, albeit an ex...used to live in Rustic Village for a year, hope the winter is treating you right :) Glad to find someone from there...

ServesYouRight said...


Thanks so much for including this in the fabulous WBB #7 round-up!

Love SaffronTrail! Thrilled to bits to hear that you were in Ro-cha-cha! Small world! I'm sure you don't miss the cold weather :-)