Sprouting ideas

Spring, gentle reader, has arrived in Rochester, NY. Everything is so beautiful it makes your teeth ache. The skies are blue, fluffy clouds float by, flirting with the sun. The searing cold of the winter that tickles your neck and makes you shiver has given way to gentle breezes that waft peacably. Everywhere you look there are flowers pushing themselves out of the ground. Unreasonably, overwhelmingly beautiful. Proof that god loves NY.

If I stood still long enough, I am sure something would bloom on my head! I have been spending my fair share of time outdoors. To alleviate the results of my somewhat enthusiastic exertions, I've turned to sprouted lentils. Full of protein and anti-oxidants, these little beans put the spring back in my step. Never hurts to add chaat masala! Just sprout the lentils, chuck in some chopped onion and add a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

Barbara of Winos and Foodies is hosting 'A Taste of Yellow' for LiveStrong Day. Much useful health info awaits at the round-up - see y'all threre!


Barbara said...

Hi Smita thank you for your support of A Taste Of Yellow. The lentil sald looks sounds really healthy.

Asha said...

Spring is here indeed.First sound I hear in the morning is chirping birds and lots of them:))

Makes you happy just like sprouted beans.

trupti said...

oh yeah??? well...damn.

I'm still flirting with Snow and freezing rain...yeah, my teeth ache too. God Hates Canada.

hehhehe....chaat masala and sprouts with red,that just might do it...!


ServesYouRight said...

Barbara - Thanks so much! Have been amazed at the diversity of recipes coming in for 'A Taste of Yellow'

Asha - You are so right :-)

Trupti - Too funny!!! ROTFL :-)