Boy Talk!

In diametrical contrast to my musings at work, where I spend all my time thinking about empirical stuff, and evidence, and what-not, when I trawl for food ideas, I seek experiential wisdom. By day, the left brain calls the shots. At home, its time to turn the left brain off (that explains a lot, no!)

Bureka Boy is one of my favorite cooks! First of all, the boy is a veritable treasure trove of information. Like many newbies, I adore cooks who are perfectionists and share their love of detail. Visit his blog and you will see what I mean.

My fondness for biscotti led me to BB's recipe for marbled mandelbroit. The instructions were fabulous, accompanied by pictures so I knew exactly what to aim for. I made a couple versions, one with pistachios and the other with almonds. I also chucked in some whole wheat flour but the original recipe was wonderfully forgiving.

They emerged from the oven, golden brown and full of that nutty sweetness. They cooled and their texture was perfect, dry, crumbly and not overly hard. Thank you, BB!! and everyone else out there who blogs and shares their know-how. There are a lot of us who count on your experiences.

Who can resist a little coffee with mandelbroit?! Meet more likeminds at Monthly Blog Patrol.


Sandeepa said...

That pic is a masterpiece...really

Asha said...

Very clever writing!;D
Very nice looking Biscottis.I love them.Great entry Smita.

Reena said...

beautiful write-up!

Coffee said...

Now thats something!!!!!
I adore that guy for all the things he has on his blog!!!! You just can't go wrong with his instructions!!!!

And I can see that you have just that. :) Thats a wonderful looking biscotti!!!! :) And some wonderful writing as well. :)

Thanks for this lovely entry. :)

trupti said...

I do Love BB...he's such a culinary tourist.....! your biscotti look beautiful....

lets have some over some Butter Caramel coffee that I am brewing right now for lunch....


burekaboy — said...

smita!!! OMG, you do know how to make a boy blush -- heartfelt thanks for the wonderful mention and trying out the biscotti/mandelbroit, not to mention using it for your entry; i am truly flattered. i'm also glad you liked them. as others have said, it's a fantastic picture of the finished product with a very cute accoutrement (the bow, of course!!). you see, only a girl could come up with that twist to make them look so good :D

hugs smita, thanks again


(thanks also for the nice words, trupti & coffee)

ServesYouRight said...

Thank you all for the compliments - totally made my day!!

BB - you're welcome!! We love guys who cook, especially, guys who cook well ;-)