Nibby Buckwheat Cookies

My sweeth tooth has been clamoring for some attention... so I made Nibby Buckwheat Cookies! This time, we discovered the happpy marriage of buchwheat, butter and cocoa nibs, recipe from, originally featured in Alice Medrich's Pure Dessert

Heres what I did:
Halved the recipe. Subbed whole wheat pastry flour for allpurpose flour and followed the recipe to the letter. Refrigerated the dough for 8 hours. Stuck it in the freezer between rolling and re-rolling. One needs to keep a close eye while baking the cookies. Since they are small, they tend to brown easily.

The verdict:
Like the walnut sticks, these cookies are perfect - rich, buttery and always satisfying. Buckwheat is a suprising ingredient in a butter cookie and works remarkably well. The nibs add crunch and the texture of the cookie is perfect.

Recipe Links:
Nibby buckwheat cookies on and Orangette.

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S for Kitchen Confit said...

I saw this recipe on 101cookbooks as well, and was thinking of trying it. Glad to hear you recommend it as well, so I might just get around to baking these cookies now.