Gingerbread Houses!

The George Eastman house has a delightful exhibit called 'Sweet Creations: Gingerbread House Display'. In keeping with the festive theme, the exhibit runs November 15th - December 14th. Girl Scout Troops, community groups, families and bakers showcase their skills and the results are delicious!

Their creativity is boundless. I'm quite sure I saw Cinderella and her fairy Godmother in marzipan. Don't let me forget the three little pigs and the big, bad wolf. There were no less than two gingerbread creations depicting the Bills at a game!

The houses are sold through a silent auction...judging by the cute little scribbles and scrawls on the clipboards, it looks like quite a few piggy banks were busted!

Don't miss the fabulous write-up with pictures of the Gingerbread House display by Rochester area foodie Tracy. Thank you for letting me add you :-)

Would like to share this with Habeas Brulee for Sugar High Friday # 26: Sugar Art


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Thank You Danielle! The rest of you, please check out Habeas Brulee - gives new meaning to eye candy :-)