Hops with the Toad

I know close to nothing about beer, but since when has that stopped me from jumping right in, gawking and/or asking dumb questions! So this post is about Custom Brewcrafters' The Old Toad Nut Brown Ale, savored at The Old Toad with Flickr buddies.

Everybody LOVES The Old Toad - beer, british accents and wi-fi all in one place, clear proof that there is a generous and benevolent god. Located in the gorgeous Medical Arts building on Rochester's notorious Alexander St, The Old Toad nestles right next to Gusto. The Toad prides itself on being an authentic British pub and takes its food and drink very seriously. I have often taken friends there and we have always left completely satisfied. Needless to say, their beer menu is exhaustive. Combine equal parts exceptional beer and excellent company! Our Flickr meetups are fun - so much to learn from amazingly talented and creative minds.

In keeping with the local flavor theme, I tried The Old Toad Nut Brown Ale, brewed exclusively for The Old Toad by Custom Brewcrafters. Rich, dark brown and very tasty was my take on it! A slightly more sophisticated review from the Custom Brewcrafter's website: "This is a traditional Northern English Brown Ale that has a nutty malty aroma with a smooth hop finish. The beer is fermented a couple of degrees warmer than our other beers to give it a little more of a fruity winy aroma that is characteristic of the style. Brewed with Pale Ale, Cara-munich, Biscuit, and Chocolate Malts with Kent Goldings and First Gold Hops."

This one goes to Snekse at Gastronomic Fight Club for their Local Brews Event. Custom Brewcrafters has a wonderful history and is located in Honeoye Falls, some 35 miles southish of Rochester. Rochester takes its beer seriously! Allow me to bask in reflected glory - here are my favorite local beer links:

1. Beercraft Blog. Mark hosts Beer School at Monty's Korner! Need I say more?!

2. Calico's Aliurodrome and Alehouse. The best tasting notes. Hands down.

3. Most Rochesterians would like to get lost in Beers of the World!

4. Rohrbach Brewing Company is Rochester's very own microbrewery. Their Bluebeary Ale comes highly reccomended.


trupti said...

What IS with Brits and toads? First there's this"toad in the hole" and now all this. ;)

You liked it though eh? Must have been good...I do like the beer smell I must admit.
did you ever try "India Beer"....aaah, now that is the question.

Asha said...

Woo Hoo!! Party time for Smita!!:))
Best Indian Beer is UB from B'lore from Mallyas.

trupti said...

hey,just read your comment....what area of Toronto are you going to be in?
If in the Brampton area, try the new "Tandoori Flame" that just opened up or try "Brar's"....awesome food...atleast it was, when I was there past fall.
Have a good weekend!

snekse said...

The Session #4: Local Brews Round-Up is now posted!

Local Brews: A Field Guide

Mandira said...

interesting.. BTW the eggplant recipe looks amazing. And I'm one of those who knows little to nothing about the workings of a car too!

ServesYouRight said...

Trupti - You're right... there does seem to be a fondess for toads :-)

Asha - Oh yeah, the Mallyas sure know how to get a party going!

Snekse - Awesome round-up!!!!!!

Mandira - good to hear from you! Love B'flo!!!