Short version: I offered these cookies to a guest. He seemed to like them. He bit into the second one and said thoughtfully, mystified yet polite, "They seem kinda petite"

Hmmm, I wondered... Does size matter?

While I am all about frisbee sized cookies, especially chocolate chunk at Jimmy John's in the Ped Mall (sigh), I will confess that my own creations tend to be somewhat dimunitive. Who knows why... perhaps, its my inner minimalist? My inescapable frugality?

I dunked the little cookie in my coffee and bit into it. Hearty and comforting,it was just the right taste and texture. A couple more bites and it was gone. Its friendly sweetness lingered. Finding myself at that tempting juncture between one-more and no-thank-you, I wondered if I wanted more.

When does one stop... satiety can be a moving target. Am I full? Yes! Would I like some more? Yes! Ha! Satisfaction is a many-splendored thing. As much a function of the chemicals I introduce into my blood stream with each mouthful, as their mysterious alchemy inside my head. For now, I will enjoy their lingering sweetness, secure in the knowledge that there is more, should I want it.


Coffee said...

Splendid!! Delicious!! Gorgeous!:D

trupti said...

petite or not, its ALL about the taste babes!


Asha said...

Hahaha! YES,SIZE matters!!
I love itty bitty cookies too,bite sized.Looks great there.
Hope you are having a great weekend.I have a special this week,take a look at FH! ;D

bee said...

its all about portion control and enjoying every bite ! so the smaller the better

ServesYouRight said...

Delighted to meet some likeminds :-) Quality above quantity!