Methi Theplas

In food and elsewhere, I've often found 'otherness' very attractive! For instance, when we were kids, our mother slaved over pallya and huli, but it was my friend's shaak and thepla that I drooled over.

Thepla is one of those delightful foods that has a personality all its own. Its based on the same principle as a paratha but has a completely different taste and aroma. Conjures up a completely different mood. My favorite theplas are usually methi (fenugreek) but I've also made combinations of spinach and methi and then, theres Trupti's intriguing zucchini theplas. Her recipe works extraordinarily well. Its really all about proportions: vegetable: flour: spice.

Heres what I did:
1. Combine one cup greens (methi and/or spinach), one cup atta (fine ground whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread flour or whole wheat pastry flour may work, in a pinch) and two tablespoons besan (garbanzo bean /chick pea flour).
2. Added one choppped green chili, one teaspoon each minced ginger and garlic.
3. Added salt to taste, and half a teaspoon of turmeric and kneaded into a smooth soft dough.
4. Let it rest 20 minutes and rolled it into 5 inch diameter circle-like (ahem!) shapes. Cooked on a hot skillet (with half a teaspoon oil / side) till brown spots appear.

The dough is easy to work with and rolls out easily into little theplas. Serve hot with chundo, pickle and/or yoghurt. Chundo, a sweet and sour chutney, is yet another example of the rapturous ingenuity showcased in Gujrati cooking. The theplas are somehow lighter than the average parathas I make. They keep well and travel well. I've always thought of theplas as friendly food! Probably because they're so easy-going!

I love Gujrati food! I have pledged undying devotion to Chetana, a stone's throw from Jehangir and Rhythm House in Kala Ghoda. I love the light-hearted, sweet - piquant combinations that are often the hallmark of Gujrati home-cooking. Its almost like a state of mind - carefree, but with a zest for life. This one goes to Mythili at Vindu for RCI-Gujrati food. Can't wait for the round-up! The theplas also go to Chili and Ciabatta for Bread Baking Day #7 - Flatbreads!

Resources on the web:
1. My grocer stocks this Chundo
2. A big thank you to the food-bloggers who I turn to when I look for Gujrati food-help: Enjoy Indian Food, The Spice who loved me, The Spice Cafe


Asha said...

It's always like that!! Whatever we make at home doesn't taste good to us but others will be drooling over it and vice versa!:D

Methi Theplas look yummy. Great entry for both. Did you see my RCI G post? You probably have. I only get frozen Methi here unless I grow some here in Summer.

Trupti said...

I love this thepalas..jst today I made this

zlamushka said...

Wow, I never can get Methi leaves here in Europe :-( I only have the dried variety, but that will not work, eh ?

David said...

Hey, if this is the effect of Chetana, then I look forward to reading about more menu items here!! Shall raise a toast to you next time we eat there - in your choice of jaljeera or chaas!

Coffee said...

Ahh! The comforts of gujju food!! Thepla and chundo and something I have grown up on !

ServesYouRight said...

Asha - you gujrati thali was AMAZING! As always!

Trupti! LOVE the recipes on your blog!! Keep posting!

zlamushka - Dry methi is probably kasuri methi so use sparingly. I would subsitute frozen methi or fresh or frozen spinach. I've even used a combination of beet greens and spinach. I suppose any mild tasting, easy-to-cook greens would work. I would avoid kale, leeks and such. Good luck!

ServesYouRight said...


I day-dream of Chetana :-)

I've found myself checking their menu online (sigh)



Suganya said...

Roti and aloo curry was the 'other' food I found attractive. Now I yearn for a bowl of steaming sambar from my mom. I will definitely try this.

Petra aka Cascabel said...

A flatbread with a great colour! Thanks for your contribution to bbd #7!

Meera said...

Lovely theplas and chundo.
The combo looks awesome, Smita!

Thanks for your link. I feel so flattered. :-)

Sagari said...

love your thepalas ,looks delecious

a-Ha! said...

Aaah, Smita! Just when I have been having a recurring dream about Theplas!

coco said...

Oh you like CHetana! You must try Golden Star Thali at Charni Road.. they're the best!

Suganya said...

Say, hows your thepla uniformly green? Did you grind the greens or finely chop 'em?

ServesYouRight said...


No grinding - I used frozen methi for the theplas in the picture. They were pretty finely chopped. I think its the flour : greens ratio. In the past, I found that I was putting in too much flour. IMHO, its best to use the proportions from Trupti's blog and then use water by the teaspoonful to make a soft dough. Also, I use vegetable oil on the skillet which also darkens the hue of the cooked thepla.

Hope this makes sense,