More Biscotti

With the Holiday Season in full swing, I am torn between avoiding the craziness of the malls and completely giving in to temptation! No prizes for guessing which choice I picked!!

Like a predator sniffing out prey in the jungles of the Kalahari, my bargain-hunting skills have been honed through years of dedicated window-shopping in grad school! I always tell myself that shopping counts as physical activity because I burn calories as I meander through the aisles!

The height of shopping frenzy, interestingly enough, coincides with fever pitch on the football field. Notice how deftly these two seemingly conflicting activities - football and christmas shopping, can be reconciled. I almost fell off the treadmill laughing as I watched an ad for diamond jewellery come on in the middle of the Sunday night game. Nice try!

Baking highlight of this weekend was cinnamon sugar biscotti.

Lessons learned:
1. Chad Pennington is hot. Especially ummm all the time.
2. Its okay to make biscotti with half whole wheat and half regular flour.
3. The rookies (Reggie Bush and Vince Young) are smokin' hot!
4. Do not forget the egg wash - sugar crystals do not stay put without the wash :-( Will end up vaccumming front of shirt everytime you eat biscotti. (sigh) The things I do to avoid laundry.


Asha said...

We love Biscottis! Everytime we go to coffee shop,we buy some.

I love the photo ,recipe and the tit bits about "hot"!:D

Happy Holidays.

ServesYouRight said...

Thank You Asha! I'm also a 'rookie' - just starting out here and so its a shot in the arm to see rookies off to a good start!

burekaboy — said...

your biscotti are smokin' hotter than your rookies, smita ;) LOOOOLLLLL (i thought this was about baking not beef!)

ServesYouRight said...

BB - spoken like a true foodie :-)