Of scones and such

Tis the season for scones and such!

I like scones - gently sweet and hearty, they are somehow comforting. My mentor in graduate school would often bring currant scones to our our lab meeting. They were fresh from a local bakery and enormous, simply delightful! Further back in time (ack!!), we came upon scones in Enid Blyton's books. Enid Blyton's cast of characters would come home from school and snack on 'scones with jam'. It seemed such an exotic treat - I came home from school on my brown pinafore and white shirt and munched on chivda and idlis!

Scones are not hard to make. Really the only requirement is that the butter be chilled. I made Chocolate Orange Scones and they turned out pretty good, though I say so myself! As always, I used some combination of whole wheat and all purpose flour. Instead of chocolate chips, I added chunks of dark chocolate. I made smaller sized scones (portion control, so now I can eat three at a go!!). Sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top and garnished with orange rind. And there you go!

Recipe Resource:
1. Original scone recipe here
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- Nic of Baking Sheet has a plethora of great recipes
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Asha said...

Looks absolutely delicious! I love scones as you know. Great photo,good lighting and location.

Sandeepa said...

Mmmmmmmmm, scones from Enid Blyton, even I got to know them from the books, scones & jam for tea. Have never made them though. Yours look very good

ServesYouRight said...

Hello Asha and Sandeepa! Was dreaming of the Magic Faraway Tree and Mallory Towers as I munched on my scone :-) Enid Blyton brings back happy memories!

burekaboy — said...

smita, smita, smita....hope you're slathering them with copious amounts of thick clotted cream :P

ServesYouRight said...

BB - Intrepid cook and taster, you crack me up :-D

Krithika said...

scones look really good. thanks for sharing