Quiche me quick!

Foodloose and fancyfree, I like light, airy quiches that are not weighed down by cream and crusts. I've had good luck with the standard broccoli-cheese and spinach versions, time to try something more adventurous ;)

Watercress, fennel and goat cheese held center-stage in this weekend's quiche. The shell was made with phyllo dough. I will confess that I've had something of a love-hate relationsip with phyllo. We fell in love one December over baklava (will save that story for another time ;) After the first flush of infatuation died down, horrified by the butter I was slathering over the delicate sheets, we drifted apart for a while. Happily, we've come together for this quiche.

Deconstructing the quiche:
- Thaw 6 phyllo sheets. Brush with butter and fold into squares. Tuck into muffin cups. Do not let dry. (Be lavish with the butter, yes, I finally said it!)
- Saute onion, watercress and fennel a little. Just till the watercress wilts.
- Beat 3 eggs. Add a couple tablespoons milk (cream, if you're brave!) Salt and pepper to taste.
- Add the (cooled) watercress mixture. Add goat cheese (cheddar also works GREAT!)
- Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Makes 6 regular muffin sized portions.


I loved the watercress-fennel combination - brought in a nice sweet/savory flavor to it. Goat cheese made it incredibly creamy. (IMHO) A little cheese goes a long way, don't want to smother your quiche in cheese. Loved the phyllo because it turned out light and crisp, golden brown to complement the creamy/savory filling. Come to think of it, I may make this for a brunch thing next weekend. Lets see how it holds up in mass-production!

1. "Foodloose and Fancyfree" stolen from here!
2. The idea for the filling came from the BBC food website.

Update! Sent this one to Erielle at Fancy Toast for February's DMBLGiT. Be warned, the gallery will make you weep in ecstasy!


Asha said...

YUM!!!! So easy and I could "Quiche" you for that!:))

ServesYouRight said...

Ha ha - Asha - we could really get going on this. 'Hugs and quiches' :-P

TRS said...

oooohh..perfect for a party I think...I had something similar over x-mas but in a puff-pastry shell...Yours look good!


David said...

Nooooooh!! I can't wait any longer!! Please tell all about the December love story with baklava!!!

ServesYouRight said...

Trupti - puff pastry ... yum!!

ServesYouRight said...


Makes my day to have you stop by :-D Much love to you, venerable relative, on behalf of all the Raos :-D

Tracy said...

Yum ... your quiches look gorgeous. I'll have to try the phyllo approach.

Anonymous said...

seems like my kinda food....

Bibliochef said...

Hiya. Just put a link to your blogon my site, Cooking with Ideas. (Thanks for the comment too on the site.) The link is http://www.cookingwithideas.typepad.com in case you areadding links to your site!

ServesYouRight said...

Tracy - Thank you! You're so creative, I'm already looking forward to the results!

Nitin - Absolutely ;)

Bibliochef- Good to see ya. LOVE you blog. Such a happy marriage of food and reading/writing. Added "cooking with ideas" to my list.