Flan Élan

Didja hear? Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting hitched! OMG, the fabulousness!! I am squealing like a pig here, the excitement is too much! Eva Longoria has been the solace of my old age. When revealing my age, I have often reminded people that "My collagen is as old as Eva Longoria's". Instant respect!

Being a dutiful desi, I am now obsessed with Eva and Tony's kids. Please God, may their first born be a girl. I hope she is completely gorgeous and plays basketball. If they have a son, he will just be another hot, athletic French man. What's the fun in that?


For your viewing pleasure: The happy-couple-to-be! Image credit: Ladies Love Sports 2

In keeping with the 'completely gorgeous' theme, this week's creation was a chocolate flan. Recipe from Lora Brody's "Chocolate American Style". Mucho useful information and droolworthy pictures put together by a pro, this book is quite unbeatable. I came across many interesting ideas...chocolate chip mandelbrot, marble cake and chocolate flan...

The flan was a combination of coffee, chocolate and caramel - won hands down!! Turned out dense and creamy. The chocolate held its own, nicely complemented by coffee. Caramel took the whole experience up a notch.

Voice of experience:
1. Less caramel will also work.
2. I need to be a little more gentle in whacking the flan out of the ramekin. They looked like they'd been chased out by an impatient cook! Still, that top photograph is a centerfold no?! Maybe I went a little over board with the roses. A little vice is good for the soul ;)

Update: Find true love online! Stop by Lara's DMBLgit gallery for April 2007!


Asha said...

WOW!! That's some adoration about that couple!;D
I happen to think they are kinda odd couple!!
I love Flan though,got to make some one day.
Happy Ugadi S!

trupti said...

Hey Smita...

An ardent fan eh??? wishes for both!

Flan looks beautiful...though am not a big fan..gawd, you must think I am so picky, eh?

ServesYouRight said...

Hey hey Asha and Trupti! Good to hear from both of you :-)

Trupti, picky eaters make good cooks ;-D