Lunch Crunch

Most Saturday afternoons I plan my lunch for the rest of the week. By the end of the afternoon, five little boxes are packed and ready to go! Come Monday morning, I grab one from the fridge and head out the door. That’s how I get by without having to wake up before I’m at work. Now you know!

Here are two of my favorites from last summer:
1. Lentil and millet salad with raw mango and feta. Cook green lentils till soft, sauté with cumin. Cook millet till soft. Add to green lentils. Layer the salad as follows: Bed of baby spinach or greens of your choice. Then lentil-millet mixture. Top with chopped mango. Sprinkle feta cheese on it. Add chunky veggies of our choice: Onions, carrots and cherry tomatoes shown here.

This is a good one for the summer. The sweetness of the mangoes is offset nicely by the tart feta and earthy flavor of millet and lentils. To be honest, I think the mango makes this salad special. Makes the salad luscious and exotic.

2. Lentil salad. Green lentils are cooked till they’re soft, then sautéed with cumin. Toss in a little chopped onion. Add chunky veggies of your choice: carrots, broccoli and bell peppers shown here and serve on a bed of greens.

Serve undressed. Ummm, you know what I mean.

Came across some lunch-likeminds on web at the Daily Tiffin! and they're hosting 'Show me your lunch box'!! See you at the round up!


David said...

Nice combinations (though I don't much care for feta). But what really grabbed me is the truly admirable planning and organization to have all your lunches lined up and ready in advance. Terrific!

As for "serving undressed, ...umm...", no, how would an aged relative like me know what you mean?

Ha!! I hope Sandeepa reads that statement of yours together with her prescient comment on the "dark and sensuous" postings!!


trupti said...

Lovely, Lovely blend of flavors...May I suggest another Salad recipe fav. of mine?

baby spinach, mandarin oranges, red or green onions, slivered almonds, dry chowmein noodles, all tossed together with a Ginger-Sesame is a delight! Of course, you can add/omit any of your fav. ingredients. I love this stuff...

ServesYouRight said...


No, no - you gotta love feta!! Btw wegman's has an 'Olive bar'. Its not a pretty sight - I see strong wills break :-)

As far as organization goes, I remember tales of matching ties that my aunt had to charm a certain uncle away from :-D


ServesYouRight said...

Ooh Trupti, sounds delightful. As always, your creativity is amazing!


Sandeepa said...

You are so right. I am a bit late around here and I have my serious doubts about the "goings on".
"fishy fishy" smell in a totally veggies salad :)

Liked your first lunch, but you said raw mango, the sour ones ?

ServesYouRight said...

Sandeepa - oh no! You've joined forces with David! Time for me sharpen my wits :-D

Yes, I got a raw mango and let it ripen a little so it wasn't completely sweet. Nice mix of sweet and tart.