The George Clooney Brownie

Be warned, gentle reader, I am about to hold forth on a topic that may elicit violent passion. The George Clooney brownie. This is a brownie thats completely charming and quite sinful. Absolutely delightful morning, noon and night. Just like George Clooney. Deep breathely.

While it is true that I have yet to meet a brownie I didn't like, I will be the first to admit that not all brownies are created equal. The idea for this one was born from Mascarpone Swirled Brownies featured in Food and Wine Magazine. The recipe is generous with butter (ahem) and does not include nutritional information. Ignorance is bliss!

Not willing to risk putting my will power to harsh tests, I halved the recipe and eliminated the mascarpone cheese. Let nothing stand between this woman and her chocolate.

Thanks to the butter and sugar in it, the brownie has that magical melt-in-the-mouth quality. Its awfully easy on the eyes - turned out a gorgeous shade of brown. Full of chocolatey richness, this brownie will tempt you out of a sunday afternoon nap, "promise you more than the Garden of Eden", ...make you all kinds of happy. Just like George Clooney!

Lets spread the love! George goes to Brownie Babe in Zurich for Brownie Babe of the Month 2!! and to DMBLGiT at Food and Paper!


trupti said...

aw, hell no. You CANNOT keep reminding me about my old crushes....first Ming, then this.
Send George over here, Smita. I'll send him back, I promise. he sure looks delightful, that shade of brown is sooooo him.


myriam said...

george clooney in a brownie - what a great invention. thanks for joining browniebabes!

Suganya said...

With a name like this, I guess a little(?) butter is ok.. After all, its GEORGE CLOONEY :D

Asha said...

LOL @ *The George Clooney brownie*
Looks good,unlike him this brownie looks young and fresh!;D
A piece of good buttery brownie doesn't hurt anybody.Even if it does,who cares?! Enjoy:))

Coffee said...

Now that looks awesomely fudgey and chewy and gooey!!! :)
I am forever collecting brownie recipess...... this should be the 11th or the 12th one under my bookmark section of brownie ;)

The pic looks great!!

ServesYouRight said...

Trupti - A ha!! Now I'm finding out all your weaknesses. This could ve very useful info :-D

Myriam, Suganya, Asha and Coffee - Delighted to hear from you all.

United in the love of George Clooney and brownies,

Jerry said...

Ahh such a good substitute for a man! And its a George Clooney. Swoone.

Mandira said...

george clooney brownie, now that's a brownie I would love... maybe even two!

Anonymous said...

ohhh my what are you girls like...I don't know...~grin~...just mention GC and you girls are off...~smile~...hey brownies looks lovely...

ServesYouRight said...

Hi ya Jerry, Mandira and Dilip,

Recently spied George Clooney on the Forbes list of most eligible bachelors! Sigh. The man, to paraphrase loosely, is a public temptation!