Tru Love

Forgive me, gentle reader, for disappearing!! Kisses! I missed you too!!

The long and short of it is that I have been travelling and catching up with friends and family. Over the last few weeks, I have probably visited you or missed your phone call as I was driving madly, swallowing the miles between us! On the bright side, these last few weeks of craziness present irrefutable and much-needed proof that I do have a life. Yay!

Needless to add, much food has been cooked and consumed. New friends and old have joined us at the table, and almost every meal has joined hosts of others as a cherished memory.

On a recent trip to Buffalo, we stopped at Tru Teas on Elmwood Ave. Roughly speaking, Elmwood Ave is to Buffalo what Park Ave is to Rochester. Bright, vibrant and filled with a kind of youthful energy, its a great venue to shop and catch a meal. We fell in love with Tru Teas, a tranquil, crative oasis.

We tried the Steamed Vegetable Dumplings and the Mad yak Hummus and Flat Breads. Both were excellent - flavorful and well-presented. Finished things off with the Green Tea Ice Cream. It was a generous portion, served with raspberries and a sprig of mint. Absolutely delish!!

I have often asked friends for food reccomendations and Tru Teas was among many others, put together in a list, meticulously compiled and shared. Thank you so much - we could not have enjoyed ourselves more!!


Asha said...

Hello gentle blogger!:))
Sounds great.WE just came back from vacation too,enjoyed few restaurants.My fav was Woodlands!!;D

ServesYouRight said...

Any place with a Woodlands restaurant qualifies as a wonderful vacation spot :-)