Get. Rich. Quick!

Theres no other way to say this. I have, what may politely be called, a baking disorder. Symptoms included the creation of this Rhubarb Bread, served with peaches from the Public Market.

I've pondered over the social whirl of the last few months when it suddenly struck me - I have the best guests. Honest! Its been so much fun. Please keep on coming over.

We've hiked by waterfalls, sipped wine and sighed over gorgeous summer sunsets by the lakes. We've talked non-stop, into the night over ice cream / parathas / beer. And of course, we've argued. French toast or omelette. Tea or coffee. Pandit Jasraj or Kanye West. Ah, the lively banter of vibrant relationships.

Much to my amazement, we didn't get lost. (Knock on wood). Not that I had anything to do with it. I am now the proud owner of a GPS thingamabob. (Feel the waves of rapture here - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!) Being little gadget-geeks, we drooled over the device and played with it. Personally, I attribute the vast popularity of the device to the fact that one can set it up so theres a woman with a British accent who orders one around!! In spite of my loud and strident demands to pick the American guy (Rich), the evil navigator chose the American chick. I'm waiting (im)patiently. Its only a matter of time before we get Rich.

And so the adventures continue! This one goes to Coffee for Monthly Blog Patrol!

Recipe Notes:
1. Rhubarb Bread was part of a Spring Brunch here (yum!)
2. Picture Perfect Rhubarb Bread here
3. Another version that uses oil instead of butter
4. Reccomended changes:
- Substitute whole wheat for all-purpose flour. Big improvement in texture.
- 1.5 cups brown sugar is overkill. Scant 1 cup is good. I've also chucked in strawberries in previous versions, when I worried that the bread will be too tart. Besides, I figured I can always top it with a little honey.


Sharmi said...

simple, delicious and fast!

Nags said...

lovely. i love ur pic, the name of your blog :) and the way u write.. so glad u dropped by..

blogrolling you..

also bookmarked this recipe. i am yet to find some good quality yeast here in hyderabad..

Suganya said...

I 've never tried rhubarb yet. Always wanted to cook with them. What do they taste like?

Asha said...

HeHe! Great writing! Trisha needs a GPS too when she she starts college, safe!:))
Great entry for MBP, looks yum! I have yet to try Rhubarb.

bhags said...

Beautiful pic...nice rad. Best of luck with Rich

zlamushka said...

This is a great recipe. I love rhubarb. The truth is I never cooked with it myself. I guess i was short of good recipes. Now rhubarb bread sounds like a VERY good recipe to me..