Eating Out Windfall!

Caught the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Memorial Art Gallery on Thursday night. Decided to stop at Cutler's for dinner. MAG is beautiful. The building reminds me of the Divinity School. The O'Keefe exhibit was good. They have these cute little gadgets so you can do your own audio tour. Its a cross between a remote control and a cell phone. Anyhoo, plenty of Stieglitz photos and a good variety of O'Keefe's work. With someone like her, its hard for one exhibition to really capture ALL of her. This exhibition focused on /'Color and Conservation'. I wish they'd included more about her evolution as an artist.

Thursday night is popular at the MAG because tickets are discounted. I snuck upstairs to see the Impressionst Gallery upstairs. It was FABULOUS! They have works by Monet, Matisse and Renoir, and even one by Braque in their 19th Century gallery. Even saw an Ingres! Being greedy, I searched for Degas but the two that they have are not currently on display. Gives me an excuse to be back!

The coolest thing about all of the works I've listed is that at MAG, you can stand right in front them, inches from the canvas. Its like being in the same space as the artist! Then as you step back, you can 'see' other things. You start to 'feel', its more than just what you see. I'd been working on a one page piece of writing all day and it was very cool to take that step back...

Back to food! Cutler's is cozy and located within the building. The food is good and reliably so. It won't make you weep or sigh in ecstasy but you will get a top-of-the-line soup/salad/pork chop/etc. I tried a soup and salad and to be fair, its hard to impress me with a soup and salad. The soup was a bisque, appropriately rich and creamy. The salad had a chocolate vinaigrette and candied pecans. They were both good.

Also went to dinner at the Pomodoro Grill. The food was outstanding - innovative, flavorful take on Italian. The portions are generous. The building and location are very interesting. You drive into a dark, no-frills parking lot, and enter a warm brick building. It has that massive warehouse feel, in complete contrast to the contemporary, sophisticated food. Was chatting at the bar, and caught a freight train passing by! Come to think of it, its all very yin and yang. Very masculine building, very sumptuous food :-D

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