Sunblock and sangria are my saviors when the summer sun hits its zenith. Other than sorbets and chilled slices of watermelon, very little seems to tempt the palate. Otsu to the rescue!

Heres what I did:
Original recipe featured in Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Cooking, inspired by the traditional Japanese combination of soba noodles and a dipping sauce
1. Cook the soba till al dente.
2. Follow Adam's instructions. The recipe is forgiving so feel free to improvise.

The verdict:
My favorite summer meal! The ginger - cilantro - scallion combination is delicious, the dressing is simple and refreshing!


evolvingtastes said...

Its got all my favorite things in it!! Can't wait to get some soba and try it out.

Michael Natkin said...

Otsu is awesome! Here's my variation. One my all time favorite foods.

Mallika said...

Lovely fresh flavours in this. By the way, I came here to check out the potato bread post - where's it gone?

ServesYouRight said...

ET - Absolutely! Bon Appetit!

Michael - I LOVE your version, pure genius! Keep up the good work!

Mallika - Thanks!

As for the potato bread post, lets just say that blogger and I tussled and blogger won. GRR. Reposted. You caught my boo-boo