Diwali Special - Chakli!

I was coasting, mentally prepared for a do-nothing Diwali. But then, some deep seated, most likely genetic impulse kicked in and I found myself making chakli this weekend!

Being a good scientist, I dutifully researched my options. To my great delight, I found out that running a week late has its advantages. By then, all the other food bloggers have posted their successes! See the end of this post for some very attractive Diwali recipes.

Traditionally, I have been known to stuff myself with chaklis (chakkuli, to be precise) that my grandmother (ajji) would make. They were made with rice flour and urad dal flour and had homemade butter in them! Golden brown and crisp, they were outstanding! And yes, I was a chubby kid!

The chaklis that I made are not as sophisticated as ajji's but they are reliable and taste pretty good. All they needed was rice flour, besan (chick pea flour), chili powder, sesame seeds and salt. They are crisp and a lovely golden color.

Happy Diwali and Enjoy!

Chakli Recipes:
1. Indira of Mahanandi has the definitive recipe for murukkulu here
2. Bureka boy has a more complicated recipe, from Yamuna Devi's ISKCON cookbook.
3. Shilpa of Aayi's Recipes provides detailed info and pictures here
4. Manasi of A Cook at Heart, shares a recipe with wheat flour (maida) in it.

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burekaboy — said...

hey smita!

just saw your link in my blog, thank you for that!

i will have to try yours and the other recipes your links point to. not being indian myself (obviously from my blog description!), is indira's the classic [true] way of making them? do they hold up to your ajji's?? frying them in ghee sounds completely sinfully good. i'd go broke buying enough butter to have a reserve for deep frying! lol.

much success with your blog. i shall have to take a more detailed look.

regards from canada