Patrick's Culinary Kreations

I have been hearing rave reviews about Patrick's from everyone at work. It was a serendipitous discovery - Patrick's is a stone's throw from work. We're always looking for good food :-) Patrick's offers good food as well as free wifi (gasp!) in a charming setting. The exterior is unpretentious, the interior is cozy and full of color. (My photo of the interior is terrible and I apologize in advance.)

Chili, wraps and grilled cheese are highly reccomended. They have some interesting sides - homemade chips and a mustardy macaroni salad (called the 'mac' by regulars :-) The italian sodas are okay ~ fizzy, fruity and frivolous. My sources tell me that it helps to check if Patrick is cooking!

Patrick's also offers a solid catering menu. At a recent gathering, people LOVED the Hors d'Oeuvres: bruschetta, artichoke sundried tomato spread with crackers, red pepper aioli with crabcakes!! Happily, I was among these people :-)

(You've probably concluded that I work with an AWESOME group of people :-D I agree!) Go try Patrick's, it will be fun!

On the web at:
Patrick's Culinary Kreations and Bake Shop

Update: Patrik's has closed :-( Send him good wishes here.

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