The Art of Seduction

Rochesterians around the world will acknowledge that Wegman's is a force to be reckoned with. Most days it is a godsend because it eases some of the gastronomic strain of being single or in a relationship. Single and trudging home to an unimaginative refrigerator? No problem, have your petits gateaux and eat it too at Wegman's! Newly married and don't know how to cook? No problem, pick up his/her favorites at Wegmans. He likes sushi, she likes risotto? No problem, find both at Wegman's!

The tremendous convenience of shopping at Wegman's can be a mixed blessing though... Even before I have articulated my innermost craving, the elves at Wegman's have already created, packaged and set it up invitingly. Low fat feta? Spinach Parmesan Rounds? Multi grain pita chips? Organic whole wheat mini-baguette? I ran my finger along the tempting loaf, and whispered tremulously, "How did you know?"

(sigh) I could get used to this ever-solicitous seduction.

What then?! The rest of one's life is a barren wasteland of phone calls to Time Warner Cable, angry posts on RnR on Craigslist (honey, no one writes letters to the editor anymore!), futile fumbling around the interminable aisles (rearranged yet again) at Target... Enough, I say! Wegman's, its time you take over the world! Else, stop being so completely seductive and turn into a slob, like the rest of them!

Picture: Organic whole wheat baguette (sliced into rounds by aforementioned elves), Yancey's Fancy Champagne Cheddar and Habanero & Jalapeno Pepper Cheddar!

PS. I know you really didn't need all those links. Just a friendly distraction ;)

PPS. Happy Anti-Valentine ;)


Asha said...

Happy Anti-V'day to you too!!;D

I love that Habanero cheese although in very small amounts!

Sandeepa said...

hey I love Wegman's. Before my daughter was born, we would spend much of our time strolling along the aisles there, very therapeutic
Do you have a "Whole Foods" at Rochester, that is very good too, and they have a very healthy and refreshing food bar

TS said...


Not too familiar with Wegmans...but I have noticed that many supermarkets are aiming to please....and pleased, I am! Though I love to cook and make things from scratch, I do resort to my local supermarket here for certain delicacies! nothing wrong with that is it?
Habanero Cheddar cheese is a fav. of mine...another treat I get to break the monotony of mundane cheese and crackers.... Habanero Cheddar or any other cheddar spits back the heat and is always a hit!


ServesYouRight said...

Asha - loved your V-Day celebration pictures.


ServesYouRight said...


OMG you're very brave to say Whole Foods in the same breath as Wegmans's :-) Whole Foods addicts come to Rochester to detox!!


ServesYouRight said...


Hear hear! More power to creativity!