Be Krishna

Like a snow globe thats just been shaken, my head is swirling with thoughts... I've grappled with them, with varying degrees of success. I am fortunate in that I found not just one answer but many. This is what it feels like, I thought to myself, to have the counsel of many Krishnas...

Arjuna, mighty warrior and chick magnet, is one of my favorite characters from Hindu mythology. Famed for his marksmanship, archery was THE thing that defined him. As a child, he was known as an outstanding and diligent student of archery. His skill with a bow and arrow won him a wife, the gorgeous Draupadi. He gets into all kinds of super-interesting adventures. Really, he is the coolest of the Pandavas. Is there anything he cannot do?

And yet, faced with the prospect of going to war, he falters. Overwhelmed. Undone by the potential consequences of his actions. Despondent, despairing, he turns to his charioteer, the Lord, and tells him, "Krishna, I don't want to fight, this is not my battle to fight".

Image Credit: The Little Book of Hindu Deities by Sanjay Patel

What follows is the ultimate story of the nourishing of the human spirit and the Lord helps Arjuna make his decision.

I've found myself at cross roads often and have been fortunate to find sage counsel. Arjuna had one Krishna and found direction. I am grateful for the outstanding mentors I have had. This is what it feels like to have many Krishnas. Thank you for sharing. Someday, I hope I will be as tremendously generous as you have been.

Speaking of nourishing, heres a picture from this weekend: vermicelli kheer, gentle, sweet and full of innate goodness. Affectionately referred to as 'kaddi payasa' (stick payasa) by cousins :-)


Ashwini said...

Oooh Smita you have a way with words!
Arjuna the chick magnet...yes totally :-)
You are lucky indeed to have many Krishnas in your life.

Trupti said...

Enjoyed reading this... Loved the line "Like a snow globe thats just been shaken, my head is swirling with thoughts"...
Funny, that's how I feel day in day out. I really like the picture by Sanjay Patel...too cute.

Vermicelli Payasam is a fav...!

Anonymous said...

great post...enjoyed reading it...~smile~...thanks for sharing

ServesYouRight said...

Ashwini - Many thanks! Happy to hear from a like-mind :-)

ServesYouRight said...

(smiling) Trupti - so true! Your boys may enjoy the book. Saw some good deals on Sanjay Patel's webside (gheehappy.com) and Amazon.

ServesYouRight said...


Many thanks! Please keep stopping by :-)