Time to flex

At the ripe old age of #@ (rhymes with flirty), I find myself willing to loosen up. I know my old roommates just snorted and I beg forgiveness. I'm (finally) ready to let go of that white-knuckled grip. Just a little bit.

Part of my zen comes from living in this gorgeous old house that creaks and shudders and slopes to the middle. I am fortunate that the only other apartment on my story has an extraordinarily non-intrusive tenant. I bumped into her and her parents once this summer and we exchanged pleasantries. The two downstairs are a different story (pun unintended). I will be the first to admit that they are extraordinarily good looking. They are also incredibly social. And yes, they're Thanks to my new-found zen, I am capable of looking at them indulgently. Its a good way to dissipate any maternal hankerings without needing to go into labor and push and all, but I digress.

The fellow downstairs is either in a band or has a music system that is powered by PMS. To be honest the vibrations are probably good for the wood floor as well as my skin. Whats funny is that the house is old and there is a grate in my bathroom where I can hear his music quite well. I hope he does not hear me in the bathroom (aaargh!)

Anyhoo, I must confess that his parties are usually around my deadlines and so I'm burning the midnight oil when the young ones are breaking into a sweat. Keeps my foot tapping. and the heating bills down. When they quiet down, I stomp and shake my fist, "Keep it going, you feckless hedonists". I wish they wouldn't sing though! I pretty much plan my sleep schedule around his party schedule.

Sometimes, you just have to take it as it comes.

Along the same lines, this week's creation is mulled wine. It was a fortuitous invention. Aspiring alcoholics such as myself are often confronted with what to do with cheap wine. I toyed with wine jelly but it seemed like way too much work and sugar. I have a simpler solution. Chuck in some cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and orange peel. Add sugar, orange juice and/or brandy as desired and warm. Do not boil. You've just made mulled wine! Really, thats all there is to it. Enjoy warm, perhaps with a little dark chocolate...

(Turns out this is another away post - will share tales of courageous driving and much gastronomic happiness in metropoli of the northeast soon. In the meantime, xoxo to you, gentle reader :)


David said...

Mulled wine and dark chocolate!! With snow piled up outside! Wish I was there.

Could this be a trend where you will now also identify suitable libations to go with your culinary excursions? Looking forward to reading more.


Aging Outlaw

David said...

Oh I just noticed that the wineglass appears to be not quite straight. Applying my skilled logic, I deduce that since the probability of the table (on which it stands) or floor (of your place) being uneven is vanishingly low, therefore the corresponding probability of the camera or the photographer being somewhat inclined from the straight and narrow is rather high! Hic!

Aging Outlaw

Asha said...

I hope he doesn't hear you too from the bathroom!;D

I hope you are not aspiring to be a alcoholic!!!!!

ServesYouRight said...

August Inlaw,

We aim to please - will wine and dine and cook and post :-)

As for the wine glass, I'm telling you its the house - has all kinds of strange slopes. Must be one of those things that happens with age, not that you or I would know :-)