Frittata with Poblano Peppers

I heart frittatas! To my extreme delight, this skillet (see below) became part of the household this Christmas. I've been using it once a week for the last few weeks! Aside from telling you how much I love the thing, its also a sign of how hairy my schedule has gotten. No more fussing over croquettes and patiently stirring kheer, its time to hurry up and make the frittata!

Most of the time, I fall back on some combination of mushroom, spinach and onion, but this latest wave of frittatas has featured poblano peppers. Charred over an open flame, they have that lovely smokey - spicy thing happening.

Heres what I did:
1. Sliced up a quarter of an onion and a handful of spinach. Charred a poblano pepper and chopped it into strips. Sauteed them all together in a spot of olive oil.
2. Whisked 3 eggs, some milk and a tablespoon of gouda together.
3. Poured the egg mixture into the skillet and cooked till set. Chucked it into the oven for the last 10 minutes.
4. Served with a chili-garlic sauce based on this cilantro-chili sauce. and homemade bread.

The verdict:
Its an interesting twist on the run-of-the mill frittata. The peppers and the chili-garlic sauce REALLY liven things up.

This one goes to Mansi at Fun and Food for WBB: Balanced Breakfasts!


Asha said...

Me too, love the Frittata. Poblano chilies in there sounds and looks wonderful. Great entry Smita. I am glad you cooking more these days!:))
Enjoy the weekend, got a yummy bread at FH this week!

Mallika said...

I think this is going to have to be cooked for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe!

bee said...

gouda and poblano - now that's good eats.

Suganya said...

Do you have to use lot of oil for a steel pan, Smitha?

Uma said...

Wow, yummy Frittata! Never tried this. Looks so mouth-watering.

Meera said...

Delicious!! Wonderful entry for the balanced breakfast event.

SpicyTasty said...

Love the frittata. Addition of poblano peppers are great.Must have tasted really good.

Miri said...

Love frittatas! this one looks very different from the usual and the skillet seems to be a great gift - I always worry about whether the handles of mine will melt in the time it takes to finish it off under the grill..

Minti said...

Mmmmm.... - I have to try to make some charred poblanos now

David said...

Sounds very nice and great photo too - got me all hungry :)

Tracy said...

Somehow I've never made a frittata! I keep thinking I need to try to make one. Thanks for the reminder.

Can you believe all this snow in March? Bummer...

ServesYouRight said...

Thanks y'all! So good to hear from you :-)

Suganya - I was worried about all the plastics in non-stick pans and hence the switch. To avoid 'sticky situations' (ha ha) I've been trying to make sure:
1. The skillet is warmed up before I start
2. I let things cook in their own juice for a bit. Just put a lid on it and let the moisture back in.
3. I do end up scrubbing this one more :-)


Nothing beats coffee-flavored oatmeal though - Ha ha :-D


Vani said...

The frittatas look fab!