Sprouted Moong with Pomegranate Molasses

The time has come to confess my unabashed infatuation with pomegranate molasses. Sigh. Its become the little black dress of my kitchen. Adds much style and is quite versatile.

Heres what I did:
1. Moong keeps well, so I always seem to have some dried beans around. I have a soft spot for sprouted moong. Its like magic - finding curly little sprouts emerge in 12 hours! Anyhoo, soak the dried beans for 8 hours. Drain water and store in a moist, dark environment. They will sprout in 8-12 hours.
2. You can eat 'em crunchy. In my (ahem) advanced years, I find that I like my moong tender (Now why does that sound evil?!) Chucked the sprouts in a pan, water and all, and put a lid on it. I usually don't add more than a scant quarter cup of water per cup of sprouted moong. I don't like cooking them to mush.
3. When they have reached the desired level of softness, allow them to cool a little.
4. Toss with pomegranate molasses. This is the secret ingredient that makes everything DELICIOUS! Tart and sweet. Yum.
5. Other ideas: One can always break out the chaat masala and/or lemon juice. Chop up some onions and coriander, if the mood stikes you. Serve with yoghurt on top.

The verdict:
Served with yoghurt, these little guys work nicely as a snack on a hot day or after a workout. I also take them for lunch, accompanied by baby spinach or couscous. No wonder my devotion to pomegranate molasses continues unabated.

Links and Resources
What to do with Pomegranate Molasses now that I have it:
1. I fell headlong in love with Kip and her blog, featuring Roasted Red Bell Peppers with Pomegranate Molasses
2. I've used beet greens and various kinds of chard in this recipe from the Slow Cook
3. Cumin and pomegranete molasses glazed squash, based on this recipe from Raspberry Eggplant has worked pretty well for me.

This one goes to Click! May 2008 - Beans and Lentils and to FoodBlogga for Beautiful Bones. Forgive me for regurgitating scientific information that I have no authority over. With that disclaimer, here are the reasons I think its appropriate for Beautiful Bones. While moong is not particularly calcium-rich, sprouting apparently enhances the calcium content of beans. The presence of trace nutrients in sprouted moong may enhance calcium absorption. Lastly, while calcium intake may be the 'necessary' condition, muscle activation and loading serve as the 'sufficient' condition for good bone health. Alright, time to step off the soapbox!


Celine said...

I've been on a hunt for pomegranate molasses since...forever. ugh!

Asha said...

Beautiful photo Smita. Pom molasses, yet to try, will see if I can get it this weekend. Moong is my fave snack just mixed with seasoning!:)

SMN said...

beautiful photo and i hv never tried it before..

Sandeepa said...

That is one beautiful shot. Haven't tasted Pmengranate molasses yet, maybe soon then

ANJALI J. said...

Nice recipe.. lovely pic.
Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog.. this is my first time at ur blog.. will check ur recipes now.

bee said...

brilliant. i have been endorsing pomegranate molasses to everyone. i love it. it's better than balsamic vinegar, and cheaper. two days ago, we baked strawberries with a drizzle of pom molasses and cognac. fantastic.

ServesYouRight said...

Celine, Asha - See if you can get that Amazon Link to work. Else, I'd be happy to mail you some :-)


Susan from Food Blogga said...

Hello Smita,

This is such a healthy, vibrantly flavorful dish. I can't sing the praises of pomegranate molasses enough, so that you for another delicious way to use it. Thank you for entering Beautiful Bones!


Meera said...

I loved the picture. You write so well, Smita! Yet to try Pom molasses.

Kippygo said...

Hi there! I wanted to both thank you for mentioning my blog ( and to rant about my jealousy regarding the fact that you obviously own lots of cool dishes and plates that I do not...

I feel one of the greatest personal rewards of blogging is when another blogger mentions me, so mucho cheers for that :)


Srivalli said...

Smitha..there you go with another wonderful post!...I guess if you write like that I can go on and on reading it!...sigh..well I have something for you, check my blog !

AnuZi said...

Beautiful pic girl!

ServesYouRight said...

Sandeepa and SMN - Thank you!

Bee - P. Molasses and cognac - oooh!!


ServesYouRight said...

Susan - Thanks so much. Look forward to the round-up.

Meera - Thank you :-)

Kip - Thrilled to bit to hear from you! The pottery is the side-effect of my hand-building class :-) Love your blog and very much enjoy lurking there :-)

ServesYouRight said...

Srivalli - You are such a peach! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

AnuZi - Thanks :-)

Travelling Tummy said...

Love the photo Smita and I have never heard of pomegranate molasses, will be on the look out. Sounds delish!

Hope your pottery classes are going well. I took pottery some years ago and the stuff I made are my greatest treasures.