Walnut sticks with cocoa nibs

April found me quite enamored with cocoa nibs. It all started quite innocently
with a package that arrived in the mail.

I hoarded the precious nibs for a while, not entirely sure how best to showcase them. They are unassuming little guys. They waited patiently as I pondered over the many possibilities. And then I stumbled upon a whole slew of recipes inspired by
Alice Medrich's creations. And so in a moment of inspired browsing, the idea for Walnut Sticks with Cocoa Nibs was born.

Heres what I did
I halved the original recipe (see links below) and used walnuts and whole wheat pastry flour. I chilled the dough for two hours but a little more patience would have brought even better results.

The Verdict:
Delicious!!! These cookies are stylish, unpretentious and never fail to satisfy. The marriage of sugar - butter - cocoa nib is pure genius. I simply cannot imagine "a more perfect union".

Recipe links:
Original recipe from
Bittersweet by Alice Medrich
Almond Sticks with Cocoa nibs on Lisa's blog
Nibby Pecan cookies
3. Pistachio and cocoa nib thins and another version here.
4. Nibs in
muffins or cupcakes.
5. Perhaps a
cocoa nib pavlova !
6. And for all you lily-gilders out there,
Chocolate and Cocoa Nib cookies!

This one is going to
Andrew for WTSIM... Dried Fruit and Nuts. See y'all at the round-up!


Asha said...

That sounds good Smita, saw Pista and nibs too, great idea! Have a wonderful long weekend buddy, see you Monday if I can.

Nupur said...

Those cookies look incredible!
Cocoa nibs are wonderful indeed...I only tasted them last month when a blogger friend sent me "nibby buckwheat butter cookies" (recipe from 101 cookbooks) in the mail. I highly recommend that recipe too.

Celine said...

hooray! an update! I was getting pretty sad over here.
your cookies look absolutely delicious, Smita.

Suganya said...

Hail Alice!

Meeta said...

Alice rocks! These cookies look totally spectacular!

Lore said...

While you're enamorated with cocoa nibs, I'm enamorated with walnuts. Does that mean we will fight over the last stick? :).
Btw, I've tagged you today. Read more about it here.

Traveling Tummy said...

Looks great and thanks also for sharing all your nib research and resources!

Tradesyouright said...

hi smita,

I have been reading this blog for a long time. Fantastic work. You know I do not cook. But I enjoy the way you write. It is incredible how you make even writing recipes so interesting to read. Keep up the good work!!!!

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Oooo I have a whole pack of nibs in the cupboard I've been wondering how to use. These look tasty!

ServesYouRight said...

Asha - I love the "cinnaroll"!

Nupur - Thank you! I love that buckwheat cookie recipe. I made a bunch and will eventually stop procrastinating about posting :-)

Celine - I am on a 4 post/ month diet! Spend all my time surfing - your blog is too attractive, thus making it all your fault :-D


ServesYouRight said...

Suganya and Meeta - Ha ha, you guys cracked me up. But you are spot on. Alice never fails.

Lore - thank you! I enjoyed reading your list a TON :-)

ServesYouRight said...

TT - You're welcome!

Tradesyouright - (Now theres a wonderful name :-D) Thank you Thank you - totally made my day!

Marc - (I almost swooned) Thrilled to bits to see you here.


Johanna said...

I have the remains of a packet of cocoa nibs somewhere in my kitchen - think it has become part of the furniture but I would like to use them again so these ideas are great - thanks

Andrew said...

Great entry - excellent post.

Many thanks for taking the time to join in this months Waiter...

ServesYouRight said...

Johanna - ooh! Can't wait to see what you make :-)

Andrew - Thank you!