Chocolate Oat Peanut Butter Bars

Moved by a deep-seated craving for chocolate, I trawled for recipes that would hit the spot. I wasn't craving brownies, I've had my fill of Power Bars and other energy bars this week. Just looking for something with the deep satisfying sweetness of chocolate. This recipefor Chocolate Oat Peanut Bars hit the spot.

The bars are delicious - reminded me of fudge and chikki at Lonavla. Its this weather - its been raining, kinda reminds me of one of our monsoon trips to the hill station. Vast amounts of chikki and fudge were consumed and some little boxes even made it back to Bombay! Such restraint!

The bars are super-easy to make. Just remember to boil the sugar mixture enough else it will not set. I left in my living room to cool (the furnace was acting up this morning so the living room was pretty cool - ha). The bars set in about 20 mins. In honor of Lonavla Chikki, I cut them into little squares!

Want to read more about Lonavla and chikki? Try this!

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