Ithaca Bakery

Made a trip to Ithaca, NY. This is my third in six weeks - thank goodness for the little Civic. Since I'm always looking for ways to combine business with gustatory pleasure, I asked around the office for reccommendations. This led to much nostalgia and reminiscing! Viva Taqueria and Gino's were mentioned fondly, for a killer burrito and pizza respectively. I was feeling more like a sandwich (ha ha) and the vote was unanimous: Ithaca Bakery.

So I sped downhill, on the way back and made a quick little stop at Ithaca Bakery off Meadow Street. The bakery itself is housed in a charming brick building. Step inside for an impressive selection of beverages (coffee and such like) and food. You get get your pick of sandwiches with all the fixins. Lotsa cheese and bread choices. Baked good included sweet treats as well as cheesecake type temptations!

Paralyzed by indecision, I stood rooted to the floor. Eventually, I picked the Michigan Hollow, primarily because balsamic-marinated portobello mushrooms captured my imagination! I considered the Varna vegan briefly (teriyaki seitan, cool no?!) but all this hullabaloo with the spincach thwarted my plans. The Michigan Hollow was delightful, a robust, hearty, flavorful sandwich. Yes, I remembered to bring treats for the folks that made the reccommendation! Will distribute the goodies tomorrow!

For your viewing pleasure: http://www.ithacabakery.com/pages/home/home.php

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