Open Face Sandwich Eatery

Its happened again - I've fallen in love with a sandwich :-) No ordinary sandwich this, but one crafted at the Open Face Sandwich Eatery. Charming little place off South Ave in the South Wedge.

Pardon me while I gush over it - but the place will truly captivate your senses. It has such an interesting interior, complete with tin ceilings and fabulous knick-knacks. I liked the color scheme and the motifs. Great example of how green can be soothing as well as vibrant. Its a neat place to sit and enjoy your food because there are so many details to take in!

The menu has plenty of choices for the adventurous sandwich eater as well as for those faithful to their favorite grilled cheese. Ginger lovers, this place was made for you. They have a carrot-ginger side as well as ginger candy! My black bean on sourdough ($5.95) was flavorful and the portions were generous. They have a tea pharmacy, an espresso bar and a bunch of sodas. Since I (just barely) managed to not drool all over the place, I may have to come back for a beverage and some dessert!

The guys that own and run the place are super-creative and very friendly. I love how they introduce their patrons to the businesses next door - this is exactly why the South Wedge feels like a comumunity. I didn't capture this on camera but chances are you will find a scooter parked outside! The Negative Image Scooter Club meets at the Open Face on Wednesday pm. In a nutshell, this place is great! Most of all, it was really cool to see two creative, young people believe and invest in their dreams and make them happen.

Check out the menu and lots more at their website: Open Face Sandwich Eatery

Here is a review of the Open Face Sandwich Eatery in The City newspaper, Rochester's alternative newsweekly.

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